Insolvency courses and programmes

ICAS is renowned for rigorous but fair regulation, thought leadership, excellence in education and a powerful sense of professional community amongst our members.

We offer a range of professional development opportunities to support the learning needs of the insolvency community.

Specialist Training Programmes

CPI/CPPI training programme 

The Certificate of Proficiency in Insolvency (CPI) and Certificate of Proficiency in Personal Insolvency (CPPI) qualifications are a first step towards progressing a career in insolvency. Our training programmes cover both practical and technical aspects of insolvency. The examinations aim to test competency in statutory insolvency procedures either for both personal and corporate insolvency (CPI) or for personal insolvency alone (CPPI).

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JIEB training programme 

The Joint Insolvency Examination Board (JIEB) qualification is a pre-requisite to becoming a licensed insolvency practitioner. ICAS Professional Development in partnership with BPP, provides an excellent study programme to prepare candidates for the JIEB exams.

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Training Courses

Our range of insolvency professional development courses are designed to cover all areas of insolvency practice thereby helping you to develop your skills and expertise.

DateCourse TitleLocation
18/10/2018JIEB Demystifying the numbersEdinburgh
19/10/2018Directors conduct reportingEdinburgh
08/11/2018Solvent solutions for companiesEdinburgh
09/11/2018An introduction to corporate insolvencyEdinburgh

We also offer a range of online learning and resources to help you develop your knowledge and skills wherever you are in the world, in the office, at home or whilst travelling


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