Business Skills

Our Business Skills course offering is divided in to the following competencies:

Regulatory Environment

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DateCourseLocationCourse Length
22/03/2018Practice regulation updateEdinburghHalf Day AM
11/05/2018Practice regulation updateGlasgowHalf Day AM
04/06/2018Fraud, money laundering and briberyEdinburghHalf Day PM
28/06/2018Corporate Governance - introductionEdinburgh1 Day
18/09/2018Annual update for the audit teamGlasgowHalf Day AM
27/09/2018Fraud, money laundering and briberyAberdeenHalf Day PM
19/10/2018Directors conduct reportingEdinburghHalf Day AM
26/10/2018Practice regulation updateEdinburghHalf Day AM
06/11/2018Annual update for the audit teamEdinburghHalf Day AM
23/11/2018Corporate Governance - introductionGlasgow1 Day
05/12/2018Practice regulation updateAberdeenHalf Day AM
07/12/2018Fraud, money laundering and briberyGlasgowHalf Day PM


Click the course name for full course information:

DateCourseLocationCourse Length
21/03/2018Artificial intelligenceEdinburgh1 Day
05/06/2018Business analyticsEdinburgh1 Day
07/06/2018Management accounting - adding value beyond the numbersEdinburgh1 Day
12/06/2018Adding strategic value as an accountantEdinburgh1 Day
11/07/2018CFO of the Future 1 - Finance leadershipEdinburgh1 Day
18/09/2018CFO of the Future 2 - Strategic managementEdinburgh1 Day
08/10/2018Business analyticsGlasgow1 Day
09/10/2018CFO of the Future 3 - Cost and profitability analysisEdinburgh1 Day
09/10/2018Management accounting - adding value beyond the numbersGlasgow1 Day
13/11/2018Artificial intelligenceGlasgow1 Day
13/11/2018CFO of the Future 4 - Flexible planning and rolling forecastsEdinburgh1 Day
27/11/2018Adding strategic value as an accountantGlasgow1 Day
11/12/2018CFO of the Future 5 - Best practice measurement and reportingEdinburgh1 Day

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