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Solicitors’ accounts rules working in partnership with BPP, Europe's largest specialist training provider, there are over 200 face-to-face courses on offer from a wide range of topics, to give you greater choice and flexibility as to how you develop.

Browse our range of accounting and auditing courses below.

DateCourse TitleLocation
11/09/2017Accounting Standards Refresher & UpdateAberdeen
11/09/2017IFRS RefresherAberdeen
12/09/2017Accounting for and Auditing GroupsEdinburgh
12/09/2017Audit Regulatory UpdateEdinburgh
13/09/2017First Time Adoption of FRS 102 Edinburgh
13/09/2017FRS 102 - UK Financial ReportingEdinburgh
19/09/2017IFRS – An Essential IntroductionEdinburgh
20/09/2017New Charity SORP – Refresher & UpdateEdinburgh
20/09/2017Preparation & Audit of Charity AccountsEdinburgh
26/09/2017LLP Accounts - Current Issues & RefresherAberdeen
26/09/2017Problems & Pitfalls in Company Reporting & AuditingAberdeen
09/10/2017Fraud, Money Laundering & Bribery Glasgow
11/10/2017FRS 102/105 – Transition Workshop for Small & Micro EntitiesAberdeen
11/10/2017How to Audit FRS 102 Financial StatementsAberdeen
12/10/2017IFRS – A Comprehensive UnderstandingEdinburgh
17/10/2017FRS 102 & TaxationGlasgow
19/10/2017Auditing Standards - An IntroductionAberdeen
19/10/2017Auditing Standards - Current issues and developmentsAberdeen
30/10/2017An Introduction to the Audit of Pension SchemesEdinburgh
30/10/2017Pension Scheme Accounts following FRS 102 and SORPEdinburgh
06/11/2017Charities Update - What's NewGlasgow
07/11/2017Fraud, Money Laundering & Bribery Aberdeen
09/11/2017IFRS 15 -  Revenue from Contracts with CustomersGlasgow
10/11/2017Accounting Standards Refresher & UpdateGlasgow
10/11/2017IFRS RefresherGlasgow
14/11/2017Charities Update - What's NewInverness
14/11/2017IFRS Refresher for Oil & GasAberdeen
16/11/2017Charities Update - What's NewEdinburgh
17/11/2017Problems & Pitfalls in Company Reporting & AuditingGlasgow
17/11/2017Solicitors’ Accounts RulesGlasgow
21/11/2017FRS 102 - UK Financial ReportingAberdeen
21/11/2017New Charity SORP – Refresher & UpdateGlasgow
21/11/2017One Stop Guide to Small Company Reporting - New UK GAAP for Small & Micro EntitiesAberdeen
21/11/2017Preparation & Audit of Charity AccountsGlasgow
22/11/2017Accounting for and Auditing GroupsGlasgow
22/11/2017Audit Regulatory UpdateGlasgow
22/11/2017One Stop Guide to Small Company Reporting - New UK GAAP for Small & Micro EntitiesGlasgow
23/11/2017Charities Update - What's NewAberdeen
23/11/2017First Time Adoption of FRS 102 Glasgow
23/11/2017FRS 102 - UK Financial ReportingGlasgow
24/11/2017IFRS – An Essential IntroductionGlasgow
27/11/2017Auditing Standards - An IntroductionGlasgow
27/11/2017Auditing Standards - Current issues and developmentsGlasgow
29/11/2017FRS 102 & TaxationEdinburgh
05/12/2017FRS 102/105 – Transition Workshop for Small & Micro EntitiesEdinburgh
05/12/2017How to Audit FRS 102 Financial StatementsEdinburgh

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We also offer a range of online learning and resources to help you develop your knowledge and skills wherever you are in the world, in the office, at home or whilst travelling.


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