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Whether you're looking for a general, technical update or something more specialised, this year's course schedule has got it covered. All our courses and training can help you meet your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements for the year.

Working in partnership with BPP, Europe's largest specialist training provider, there are over 200 face-to-face courses on offer from a wide range of topics, to give you greater choice and flexibility as to how you develop.

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02/10/2017Extracting profits from OMBsEdinburgh
03/10/2017How to become more confidentEdinburgh
03/10/2017Solvent solutions for companiesEdinburgh
04/10/2017UK tax residence of individualsGlasgow
04/10/2017UK taxation of resident non-domiciliariesGlasgow
05/10/2017CFO of the future 3 - Cost and profitability analysisEdinburgh
06/10/2017International VATEdinburgh
09/10/2017Fraud, money laundering and briberyGlasgow
10/10/2017Creative leadershipEdinburgh
10/10/2017Tax planning for the sole trader, self employed, partnerships and LLPsInverness
10/10/2017Tax planning for the family companyInverness
11/10/2017Effective writing skills for professionalsGlasgow
11/10/2017FRS 102/105 - Transition workshopAberdeen
11/10/2017How to audit FRS 102 financial statementsAberdeen
12/10/2017Adding strategic value as an accountantEdinburgh
12/10/2017CVA workshopEdinburgh
12/10/2017IFRS - a comprehensive understandingEdinburgh
12/10/2017Leading strategic thinkingGlasgow
17/10/2017Finance Directors' UpdateGlasgow
17/10/2017FRS 102 and taxationGlasgow
18/10/2017Finance Directors' UpdateEdinburgh
19/10/2017Auditing standards - an introductionAberdeen
19/10/2017Auditing standards - current issues and developmentsAberdeen
23/10/2017Devolved taxGlasgow
24/10/2017Spreadsheet skills for forecasting, planning and budgetingGlasgow
25/10/2017Finance Directors' UpdateAberdeen
25/10/2017Using Excel techniques to analyse data - an introductionEdinburgh
26/10/2017Current taxGlasgow
26/10/2017Using Excel techniques to analyse data - intermediateEdinburgh
27/10/2017Using Excel techniques to analyse data - intermediateAberdeen
30/10/2017Pension scheme accounts following FRS 102 and SORPEdinburgh
30/10/2017An introduction to the audit of pension schemesEdinburgh





01/11/2017Current taxAberdeen
01/11/2017Treasury - what you need to knowEdinburgh
02/11/2017Current taxInverness
06/11/2017Charities update - what's newGlasgow
07/11/2017Fraud, money laundering and briberyAberdeen
08/11/2017CFO of the future 4 - Flexible planning and rolling forecastsEdinburgh
08/11/2017Financial awareness for non-finance managers - essentialsEdinburgh
09/11/2017Current taxEdinburgh
09/11/2017Financial awareness for non-finance managers - advancedEdinburgh
09/11/2017IFRS 15 - revenue from contracts with customersGlasgow
09/11/2017Tax aspects of farming trades and the modern diverse agricultural businessInverness
10/11/2017Accounting standards refresher and updateGlasgow
10/11/2017IFRS refresherGlasgow
10/11/2017VAT updateGlasgow
10/11/2017VAT pitfalls and planningGlasgow
13/11/2017Excel VBA for finance professionalsGlasgow
14/11/2017Tax update for the busy accountantGlasgow
14/11/2017Business and corporate tax updateGlasgow
14/11/2017Charities update - what's newInverness
14/11/2017Corporate finance - introduction to capital raisingEdinburgh
14/11/2017Corporate finance - introduction to mergers and acquisitionsEdinburgh
14/11/2017IFRS refresher for oil and gasAberdeen
15/11/2017Effective communication and influencing skillsGlasgow
15/11/2017Financial modelling - essential introductionEdinburgh
16/11/2017Charities update - what's newEdinburgh
16/11/2017Motivating and managing peopleEdinburgh
16/11/2017Tax planning for the sole trader, self employed, partnerships and LLPsEdinburgh
16/11/2017Tax planning for the family companyEdinburgh
17/11/2017Problems and pitfalls in company reporting and auditingGlasgow
17/11/2017Solicitors' accounts rulesGlasgow
21/11/2017Financial modelling - intermediateEdinburgh
21/11/2017FRS 102 - UK financial reportingAberdeen
21/11/2017Preparation and audit of charity accountsGlasgow
21/11/2017New charity SORP - refresher and updateGlasgow
21/11/2017One stop guide to small company reportingAberdeen
22/11/2017Audit regulatory updateGlasgow
22/11/2017Accounting for and auditing groupsGlasgow
22/11/2017Management accounting - adding value beyond the numbersGlasgow
22/11/2017One stop guide to small company reportingGlasgow
23/11/2017Charities update - what's newAberdeen
23/11/2017FRS 102 - UK financial reportingGlasgow
23/11/2017First time adoption of FRS 102Glasgow
24/11/2017IFRS - an essential introductionGlasgow
27/11/2017Auditing standards - an introductionGlasgow
27/11/2017Auditing standards - current issues and developmentsGlasgow
27/11/2017PAYE, NIC, Benefits refresher and planningGlasgow
27/11/2017Corporation tax refresherGlasgow
28/11/2017How to forecast and budget more effectivelyEdinburgh
29/11/2017FRS 102 and taxationEdinburgh


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