The manager's guide to employment law - Using agency workers

Online course
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Online course

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This online presentation will cover Employment Law relating to the use of Agency.

What you will learn

  • Recognise who has agency worker status
  • Understand the rights agency workers have
  • Be able to deal effectively with agency workers on a day to day basis
  • Be aware of the potential legal pitfalls in ending an agency worker arrangement
  • Appreciate possible legal claims if you, as a hirer, get it wrong

Who should attend

This course will be of benefit to practitioners, in-house legal advisors, managers or HR professionals with no or limited employment law knowledge, who wish to gain a basic grounding of key employment law rights and obligations in practice.

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  • Who is an "agency worker"?
  • Rights of agency workers from day one
  • Rights of agency workers after 12 weeks
  • How a hirer should deal with agency workers day to day
  • Ending agency arrangements – possible legal pitfalls for hirers
  • Getting it wrong – possible legal claims against hirer


Online course


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