The 21st Century workplace: Managing social media use

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Online course

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The social networking revolution. Indications are that the fastest growing membership to social networking sites is amongst the workforce population. With the ease of accessibility to the Internet in the workplace, this growth has had a considerable impact on behaviour of employees. The opportunities to now be online and socialising, rather than online and working, are at their highest, and the phenomenon does not look set to slow. This course considers not only the negative, but also the positive impacts of social networking technology for employers, the rights of employees, and how these 21st Century workplace issues can be managed.

What you will learn

  1. Understand the terminology associated with social networking 
  2. Consider the legal background applicable to the use of such technology in the workplace 
  3. Understand the risks in the workplace from use and misuse of social networking 
  4. Gain practical hints for dealing with problems caused by the use of social networking by employees 

Who should attend

Managers and HR professionals who require an understanding of the negative and positive impacts of social networking technology in the workplace and how to manage these 21st Century workplace issues.

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  • The social networking revolution and associated terminology 
  • The legal background and implications of using social networking technology in the workplace 
  • Employees rights and obligations 
  • Dealing with problems caused by the use of social networking by employees


Online course


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