Solvent solutions for companies

18 October 2019

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Edinburgh, 18 October 2019

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With changes in the regulatory and statutory regimes and as directors become increasingly aware of the additional risk carried in group structures, it has never been a more appropriate time to use solvent solutions to tidy up group structures, release shareholder wealth and eliminate companies which serve no further useful purpose.

This course offers delegates the opportunity to learn more about the key drivers for companies and what factors to consider when deciding on the most appropriate solvent solution.

It also takes delegates on a comprehensive journey through the legislative, regulatory and best practice requirements which govern Scottish Members Voluntary Liquidations, including an analysis of the purpose of s110 Arrangements and how these are structured.

In addition, it will also cover how a company can be dissolved and struck off under the Companies Act 2006. The course will be technical, practical and interactive, with key-note speakers from the insolvency and tax professions.

You will learn when a solvent solution may be appropriate and the statutory procedures required to implement each particular procedure. In addition, you will acquire an enhanced understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of each option when considering how to eliminate a company when it has served its purpose.

This course will teach you;

  • to realise when a members' voluntary liquidation may be appropriate;
  • when s110 arrangements may be appropriate;
  • when a dissolution and strike off application may be appropriate;
  • how a members voluntary liquidation is implemented;
  • the mechanics of s110 arrangements and an enhanced understanding of the relevant legislative, regulatory and best practice requirements.

This course is aimed at licensed insolvency practitioners and their staff, seeking to gain a comprehensive refresher and update in this area or who wish to enhance their knowledge of the solvent solutions available in order to enhance their existing skillset.

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Judith Howson LLB (Hons) ACCA MABRP

Judith Howson has worked in the Insolvency profession for 18 years. Judith's experience began at Buchler Phillips and continued with a year secondment at Ferrier Hodgson Insolvency Practitioners, followed by Kroll, Zolfo Cooper & Deloitte before setting up her own Insolvency Consultancy Practice late 2013.

Judith is ACCA / CPI & JIE qualified. She was Instrumental in establishing the R3 Scottish Women in Insolvency Group and retains a place on the R3 Scotland Committee. 

Judith is already carving out a strong reputation for herself as an insolvency trainer by preparing students not only for their future insolvency careers but by ensuring where possible they achieve a pass in their examinations.

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  • What are the key drivers for directors and shareholders when considering a solvent solution?
  • What is a Members Voluntary Liquidation?
  • What are the advantages of using a Members Voluntary Liquidation?
  • The effects, impact and consequences of placing a company into Members Voluntary Liquidation, including discussion of when a Members Voluntary Liquidation might be converted into a Creditors Voluntary Liquidation.
  • When might a s110 Arrangement be appropriate.
  • Detailed coverage of the principal legislative, regulatory and best practice requirements.
  • The role of the shareholders.
  • Tax implications.
  • Matters which the Insolvency Practitioner should be aware of when planning and preparing to place a company into Members Voluntary Liquidation.




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