5 reasons why you should consider the move to professional practice

Mairianne Kpedekpo CA, Senior Consultant By Mairianne Kpedekpo CA, Senior Consultant

17 May 2016

There is no doubt that professional practice was and remains a great training ground for young professionals entering into the world of finance. Those 3 years of study in order to gain the all-important letters after your name are invaluable and open many, many doors in your future career. Mairianne Kpedekpo CA from Wilkinson & Associates tells us five reasons why you should consider the move to practice.

The big change in recent years is the opportunities that the profession offers individuals who have either left practice and gone into industry roles or gone through a completely different career path. These opportunities have arisen due to the changing and increasingly complex nature of our business environment and the skills and experience required by professional services firms to advise their clients are not always found in the traditional places. So when it comes to considering your future career options, considering the profession may well be worth more than a passing thought.  Factors to consider include:

1. Variety of work

This is the main appeal for many individuals. The wide range of projects, industry sectors and clients keeps things interesting and offers ongoing challenges. There is also the opportunity to develop a specialism or cross over into other lines of service.

2. Non-standard accountancy roles

There are many different functions that exist in professional firms and not all require an accountancy qualification e.g. Risk, Governance, IT Security, Business Services, Treasury & Project Management skills are all in high demand in addition to the more standard Audit, Tax & Advisory roles.

3. High calibre colleagues

This comment is made time and again. The quality and professionalism of your colleagues in practice is something that may not be appreciated until you have experienced other working environments. Working with good people is invigorating and offers a real opportunity to learn from and develop others.

4. Focus on professional & career development

This is something that can be lost to a certain extent in some organisations which is in contrast to practice where people are absolutely key to a successful business and therefore there is a continued focus on professional development at all stages in your career.

5. Individuality

There is a firm for everyone - whether you are looking for a Big Four environment, industry specialism, entrepreneurial/fast growing business divisions, overseas opportunities, culture, work/life balance, flexible working arrangements, or approach there is massive variety across the firms so definitely not a one-size-fits-all scenario.

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Mairianne is an experienced recruiter of qualified accountants and senior financial personnel and has worked extensively across the financial services sector and within industry and commerce. Mairianne now specialises in recruiting within accountancy practice from newly qualified accountants up to board level.

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