How to prepare for partnership

Are you seeking to become a partner? Are you unsure about the path that lies ahead of you?

Becoming a partner can happen in different ways, but all require determination to refine your skills and step outside your comfort zone when reaching for success. Discover key qualities and techniques that are necessary for taking the next important step in your career, in this short audio interview. 

Atholl Duncan, ICAS Executive Director (UK and Global) asks a panel of four experienced CAs:

What advice would you give to CAs who aspire to become partners?

The panel

  • Lesley Wilson from Johnston Carmichael
  • Margaret Laidlaw from Mazars
  • Jim Boyle from Deloitte
  • Chris Horne from Campbell Dallas

You can also download a full transcript of this interview PDF [73 KB].

This audio interview provides the type of 'gold-dust' information that ICAS Career Mentors can provide to mentees wishing to develop their career.

About the ICAS Career Mentoring programme

Our global, virtual mentoring programme is free and accessible for all CAs.

It allows members to focus on their personal and professional development using a bespoke matching service that connects CAs to each other, based on their needs.

For mentees, this is a chance to connect with those who have experience in the issues that concern you the most, and gain valuable insight that can help guide your career. For mentors, it's a fantastic way of sharing your expertise and experience with the next generation of CAs seeking to experience a new chapter in their careers.

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