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Photo of a business man picking his path in life
By Alex Burden, Professional Development

9 May 2017

Leadership expert Marshall Goldsmith has coached top business leaders across the globe and has simple advice for those who want to go far in their careers. The solution? Just pick a path.

If you're a mid to senior level leader or executive with aspirations to grow your leadership skills, then you'll know that executives are expected to deliver high-impact results under intense scrutiny.

If your career could do with some fine-tuning on leadership skills, consider the valuable advice that Marshall Goldsmith has for Generation Y and the leaders of tomorrow. 

ICAS are proud to announce that we are endorsing executive coaching specialists Leading Figures with an exclusive and unique Masterminds Executive Coaching Programme for CA leaders and high performing leaders.

With Masterminds Executive Coaching Programme senior level and C-suite leaders can expect to:

  1. Broaden your learning
  2. Challenge your thinking
  3. Gain a different perspective
  4. Become part of an elite alumni of CAs

Book your place on the Masterminds Executive Coaching Programme

For a taster session of 'Masterminds', try our one-day session on building resilience within a growth mindset.


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