Specialist Qualifications for Finance Professionals

Specialist Qualifications

ICAS offers three Professional Development diploma-level qualifications in partnership with Chartered Accountants Ireland.

All diplomas offered through Chartered Accountants Ireland (CAI) are specialist qualifications designed in consultation with industry leaders to meet the practical needs of those professionals working in finance and related sectors.

Undertaking these qualifications will help fast-track your development of the critical skills required for your role, whilst delivering the insights that you just won't get in a book. The training is offered in a convenient modular approach via a distance learning platform, allowing greater flexibility for our members.

Diploma in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)

The next cohort of the Diploma in IFRS begins 7 September 2018.

All business professionals looking to boost their knowledge of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) have the opportunity to do so with the Diploma in IFRS from Chartered Accountants Ireland (CAI).

The Diploma will help those who enrol to develop an advanced understanding of IFRS and their implications for decision-makers. Participants receive a wide range of online support, including from IFRS specific tutors. On completion of the Diploma, CAs will be able to:

  • apply advanced international financial reporting techniques to the production and presentation of external financial reports
  • identify and apply the disclosure requirements relating to the IFRS
  • prepare single entity and group financial statements in accordance with IFRS
  • be aware of the important areas of international financial reporting currently engaging the attention of both the International Accounting Standards Board and the International Financial Reporting Interpretations Committee

Offered to ICAS members via distance learning at discounted rate and providing the same study materials available to those who study in the classroom.

Programme Schedule:
Module one: 7 and 8 September 2018
Module two: 5 and 6 October 2018
Module three: 2 and 3 November 2018
Module four: 30 November and 1 December 2018
Module five: 11 and 12 January 2019
Module six: 1 and 2 February 2019
Exam preparation session: 8 February 2019
Assessment structure:
Assignment one: MCQ (multiple choice quiz): 20%
Assignment two: 30%
Final exam: 50% (Open book exam taken online)
Participants must pass each assignment in order to sit the final exam.
The pass mark is set at 50% with distinction achieved at 70%.
CAI offer an optional half day exam preparation session.
The final exam can only be taken online.



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Ross Hutchison CA, Senior Property Accountant, Aberdeen Asset Management Plc comments:

With the changes to UK GAAP in 2014, I felt it an appropriate time to refresh my IFRS knowledge. I was aware of the IFRS diploma having considered doing it previously, and on studying the course objectives decided it was the appropriate course to go for. The fact ICAS promoted it also attracted me to the course, along with the opportunity to experience studying as a distant learner via a different institute.

John Lee, Group Business Controller, CRH Plc comments:

This course deepens your appreciation of the practical application of IFRS where you share real world experiences with participants from a diverse array of backgrounds (practice, industry or public sector).

Diploma in Corporate Finance

The next cohort of the Diploma in Corporate Finance begins 7 September 2018

In Corporate Finance, what separates success and failure is shrewd judgement, the ability to see an opportunity, to minimise risk and use timely decision making.

At the heart of these skills and competencies is quality information and for this reason, a sound understanding of the analytical tools and techniques which are available is a must for those advising upon or making strategic financial decisions.

This programme is designed to provide you with these practical tools in a structured, yet challenging way, developing your critical thought processes and analytical skills, skills which will help set you apart from your peers.

Offered to ICAS members via distance learning at discounted rate and providing the same study materials available to those who study in the classroom.



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Ricardo Laverty, Finance Director, Grace Cole Ltd:

I found the Diploma in Corporate Finance programme excellent in all aspects, the course and content were extremely well considered and structured, and offered an excellent insight into the world of Corporate Finance for accountants from all backgrounds.  The individual lecturers were highly engaging and used real world experience to illustrate all learning areas to excellent effect.

David Codd, Finance Director, Booker Plc comments:

I found this course very stimulating – it didn’t feel like hard work at all! The material provided combined theory and practice well and the assignments were very interesting. I completed it by distance education and did not feel disadvantaged at all.

Diploma in Strategic Finance & Business Analytics

The next cohort of the Diploma in Strategic Finance & Business Analytics begins 21 September 2018.

How to be a finance business partner

Technology is transforming business and revolutionising both the role and expectations of accountants. The pace of change is remarkable, making many traditional functions obsolete while at the same time creating new roles and opportunities.  One thing is clear, the day of the one hundred page financial report is well and truly gone.

Our new Diploma in Strategic Finance and Analytics is designed specifically to equip you to meet these challenges head on and to exploit these new and emerging opportunities.  It will build the set of skills required to succeed in one of the fastest growing, most dynamic areas of finance today, as a finance business partner.

On the programme you will learn about ‘big’ and ‘small’ data, how to manipulate, analyse and interpret it in sophisticated ways and to present this in a persuasive and influential manner. These skills will enable you to shift roles from ‘trusted observer’, to a more commercial role as strategist, analyst and adviser. You can move to a role where you actively partner with management and operations to influence the direction and decisions of the business on a day-to-day basis.

Offered to ICAS members via distance learning at discounted rate and providing the same study materials available to those who study in the classroom.



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Rose O’Sullivan, Finance Business Partner, FEXCO comments:

The move from being a Financial Accountant to a Finance Business Partner offers a more interesting and sustainable career. My advice helps management to grow the business and retain their position in key markets.

Diploma in Strategic Finance & Analytics Video

Enquiries and bookings

Linda McGee, Learning & Development, Chartered Accountants Ireland
+353 (1) 6377213, bookings@charteredaccountants.ie

To book any of these diplomas please download and fill out the relevant qualification 'overview and booking form' and email your application to the above email address.

Delegates should quote 'ICAS' as their referral source and members should quote their ICAS membership number to take advantage of the discounted member price.

This is part of our ‘Make Your Professional Development Count’ programme.


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