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This exclusive course pack for newly-qualified ICAS members contains three online courses to boost your CA skill set, and is free for new members.

Free online courses*

  • Negotiations Mastery
  • Smarter thinking, Smarter working and
  • Communication skills - an introduction

Amplify your CA skills

Upon completing these courses you will have a greater understanding of:

  • how to negotiate confidently and skillfully with any business stakeholder to achieve the optimum solution at minimum cost
  • enhanced memory
  • better negotiation skills
  • greater understanding of your colleagues, clients and others
  • increased personal confidence
  • better understanding of yourself
  • why communication skills are vital to success
  • how to leverage your chosen mode of communication to maximise Impact
  • how to improve your ability to question, listen, form a rapport, coach and mentor
  • be able to present your ideas and views in a way which engages and persuades
  • feel more confident in dealing with conflict
  • build profitable and sustainable relationships through negotiating win-win solutions with customers and suppliers, internal or external
  • call on a repertoire of advanced techniques to get around any impasse in the negotiation due to conflicting demands
  • be more cost-conscious and aware of the many opportunities present for cost-cutting and negotiation
  • use the Harvard Approach of Principle-Centred Negotiations
  • Negotiate backwards' to successfully resolve complex multi-party negotiations
  • identify and neutralise dirty tactics from the other side

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This 3 Course Pack contains the online courses Negotiations Mastery, Smarter thinking, Smarter working and Communication skills - an introduction.

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