Five goal crushing tips for new members

Inspirational professional development
By Lesley Stewart, CA Today

18 April 2017

For our ambitious new members: here are our top five tips on how to transform your career goals, including an exclusive offer to boost those expert CA skills.

The first stage in achieving your career aspirations is defining what success looks like for you. Has Indy inspired you to use your CA skills to build a better world, has Graeme awakened your entrepreneurial spirit, or are you a globe trotting head of finance like Laila? Here's our top five tips for the next generation of CA leaders.

1. Set practical goals

Goal setting is essential for developing a clear vision for your future, and discovering what you need to do (and what you need to stop doing) to achieve your ambitions. It'll help you work out realistic time lines and set short term targets.  Document these objectives, develop a practical strategy to achieve them, and then plan what actions you need to take.

2. Think outside the box

When you think about achieving career success, you need to think outside the box. Keeping up-to-date technically is one area where you'll be expected to be professional adept, but also take time to focus on the non-technical elements of your skill set. Focus on communication, emotional intelligence, and adaptability - these are just as likely to get you noticed, if not more so. 

3. Get a free skills boost

If you're looking for skills that will set you apart from the crowd, speak to us. ICAS and training partners BPP are offering an exciting new package, designed exclusively for newly qualified CAs: a free online course pack and 50% off your first face-to-face training course.* We also have free resources such as webinars and video updates for quick and easy development.

4. Create a strategy

You are accountable for your own success - so aim high! Take your first-class business skills and apply them to making your career thrive.

We have a professional development offering that will help you create a careers strategy, a range of training courses and specialist programmes to help you build on your skill set, and mentoring support available exclusively for you as a CA to help you realise your potential. And there’s a host of careers focussed content to keep you motivated and inspired.

5. Connect with a career mentor 

Form powerful relationships and connect with CA leaders. Our Career Mentoring Programme is virtual and global, and will connect you with fellow CAs who can give you focussed advice - gold dust for new members.

Free new-member offer

If you're ready to amplify your skills and take your career to the next level, take advantage of our exclusive newly qualified offer. New members can book their free online course pack and find out about 50% off training courses, and search the full range of online learning packages, specialist programmes and career tips.

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* To book your first face-to-face course you can either email or call 0330 060 3303, quoting your ICAS membership number and code “PDICASNEW”. The BPP online course pack is subject to BPP Terms and Conditions. You must be an ICAS member to take advantage of this offer.


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