Why your career plans need executive coaching

ICAS and Executive Coaching

Are you a mid to senior level leader or executive with aspirations to grow your leadership or accelerate your professional success?

Leadership at the top involves an increasing pressure to deliver high-impact results in a fast moving, global business world, and executives are expected to deliver results under intense scrutiny. Executives have less time to focus on their own development and fewer opportunities to find peer-to-peer mentoring.

ICAS are proud to announce that we are endorsing executive coaching specialists Leading Figures with an exclusive and unique Mentoring Masterminds Programme for CA leaders and high performing leaders.

With Mentoring Masterminds senior level and C-suite leaders can expect to:

  1. Broaden your learning
  2. Challenge your thinking
  3. Gain a different perspective
  4. Become part of an elite alumni of CAs

Attendance on Mentoring Masterminds is exclusively for C-Suite and Executives, and invitations to attend the programme will be sent to CA Leaders.

Who should attend?

The Mentoring Masterminds is exclusively for C-Suite and Senior Executives.

What is involved?

Sessions are limited to approximately eight places per course, you should expect high energy and vibrant round-table discussions and conversations. The full programme includes four confidential group sessions held over a nine-month period, plus a one-to-one personal coaching session. The full Mentoring Masterminds Programme costs £1995 + VAT.

Participants are invited to share thoughts, challenges and aspirations as well as offer questions, options or potential solutions in a mutually supportive peer environment.

As the sessions are enshrined in confidentiality, such conversations are designed and intended to accelerate learning, development and growth. Sessions will engage in shared learning with peers from different organisations, develop your leadership capacity, and identify actions relative to you as an individual.

What will you gain?

This programme facilitates quarterly round-table discussions between those in mid to senior leadership roles, such as C-Suite executives and partners, and aims to develop senior staff by concentrating on issues that are critical to their performance.

Exclusive Free Preview Session - Mentoring Masterminds

When leaders embrace a growth mindset they promote to their employees an environment of innovation, collaboration and conversations, all intended to accelerate growth.

If you would like to find out more the impact of effective leadership through personal growth, you can join a free programme preview session on 2 March in London, free to all CAs.

This preview session will host a larger group and will feature a round-table discussion on the topic of ‘Growth Mindset’, and will give more details on the Mentoring Masterminds programme with Leading Figures.

The session is limited to 25 places so once you have registered, we will be in touch to confirm your place on the session.

The preview session will be hosted in:

AIB Group (UK) p.l.c., St Helen’s, 1 Undershaft, London, EC3A 8AB. 

(This is better known as the Aviva Building and is directly opposite The Gherkin).

The session will begin at 8am, concluding by 11am.

Register for the Preview Session

ICAS Mentoring Opportunities

Mentoring Masterminds is designed exclusively for senior to C-Suite executives, and compliments the wider ICAS Career Mentoring programme. We offer three mentoring programmes that are designed to work with all ages and stages of life; career mentoring, mentoring for Foundation students, and business mentoring.  

Career mentoring is available to all ICAS members and creates global career conversations for CAs by CAs, presenting a unique opportunity to help shape the careers of other members. To find out more you can contact careermentoring@icas.com or sign up online.

By signing up and attending the free preview session, you could be in with a chance to receive a free place (worth £1995+VAT) on the full Mentoring Masterminds Programme commencing 30 March 2017.


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