Career Mentoring Programme - Mentee induction

A common reason for the failure of mentoring programmes is that they overlook the training of mentees and therefore we have prepared an induction which we hope will provide some good resources for you.

Here are some key tips too:

1. Mentees need to drive the process

This is not about being sponsored by a mentor; this is about being proactive in managing the relationship and having the confidence to challenge these learning conversations.

2. Dialogue

Rather than discussion and debate, dialogue will result in developing insight and personal capability. Key skills relate to feedback and listening.

3. Clear goals

Your purpose and goals need to be clear although they can emerge during conversations.

4. Use the mentee guidance

The guidance and logbook will help record and support the benefit that mentoring will provide for you.

5. Reflection is vital

Participants will come from different generations and cultural backgrounds. Expectations about how the relationship should be conducted, where the boundaries are, what success looks like, are all likely to be different. Take time for reflection and learning and use a model of personal reflective space throughout your mentoring engagement.

(adapted from 'Why do we need to train mentees? By Professor David Clutterbuck)

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