Who are we - meet the PD team

PD Team - Andrew and Vikki

Here at ICAS we want you to stand out from the crowd, and our dedicated PD team are on hand to make sure that your professional development counts.

The professional development team (we prefer PD for short) were created in 2014 after we asked BPP Professional Education to take over our training courses and we created our global virtual career mentoring programme. We’re responsible for your professional development, and we’re involved throughout your CA journey.

We want to transform the opportunities we offer and allow you to develop your skills. We’ll give you the tools, support and resources to develop your professional competence and drive your career forward.

Meet the people behind professional development at ICAS, find out who we are, and what gets us excited about being part of your CA journey.

Andrew Penker – Director of People

I originally joined ICAS as HR Director and am delighted that my experience and passion for learning and development has given me the opportunity to lead  our PD team, and I‘m now in charge of looking after the professional development of around 21,000 ICAS members. So many things about working in professional development are hugely significant for ICAS as we ‘build the leading global professional community’, but it’s perhaps through the sourcing and endorsing of great products and services, as well as designing and delivering our own, that we can realise the potential for our members to be world class professionals and lead the way for the wider professional communities.

At ICAS our objective is to transform professional development and we’re proud to be defining what that means.

Our vision is to help all our members attain and maintain their professional competence, and at the heart of this is  our framework; by integrating knowledge, skills, values, attitudes and ethics we aim to ensure our professional development offering is world-class, global and lifelong. I have a strong belief that both individuals and business can thrive where they take action in making their professional development count.

Vikki Douglas – Programme Manager

The best part of my job is finding out what our members and our professional communities need, figuring out how we can meet their needs, and working to develop our PD offering. My main responsibility is looking after an extensive and growing programme of face to face and online courses, and creating new opportunities for our members to develop and really push their careers forward.  We’re really excited that the delivery of courses, done in partnership with BPP Professional Development, has recently extended to England and Wales through a partnership with CIMA. I look after those relationships, and it gives us much wider scope to connect with both CAs and other professionals across the globe.  I’ve been working with our members in the area of learning and development for over 3 years and my ambition is to transform the opportunities and support available to all members and business professionals, wherever they are based and at whatever stage they may be in their career.

Lesley Stewart – Programme Manager

I’m an enthusiastic devotee of lifelong learning and am motivated by developing learning opportunities for members and the wider professional community. We’re looking to expand the tools and services we offer, and really connect with what our members need to push their careers to the next level. A large part of my time is spent managing the ICAS global virtual career mentoring programme, an initiative that we’re really proud of. The potential for this programme is huge and our 2016 aspiration is to inspire connections on a global scale. We’re launching Year of the Mentor in 2016, and the potential to make a difference in the lives of CAs is very exciting. I’m also involved in cultivating a diverse range of online content that will challenge and support members, and I’m a keen supporter of using our social media channels to get the word out. After 7 years working in the ICAS exams team, it’s great to be to change the opportunities for our CA community.

Get in touch

The ICAS PD team are working to develop innovative and pioneering professional development programmes and we want your feedback. If you’d like us to run a course, host an event, or develop a new qualification you can let us know by tweeting @ICASaccounting or emailing pd@icas.com.

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