Managing virtual teams

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22 March 2019
Edinburgh, Glasgow, London

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The growth of virtual teams has been possible because of significant achievements in communication technologies. There are many powerful operational reasons why businesses are now increasingly reliant on virtual teams to achieve their project and business aims. Virtual Teams are now an established and increasingly important part of the global business environment.
Virtual Teams can potentially offer a range of benefits such as greater flexibility, higher productivity and increased job satisfaction for employees. However they also produce unique challenges for both managers and their team members, such as communication challenges, cultural sensitivities and performance management.

It is vital to overcome these challenges and work effectively and successfully in virtual environments. As a result managers of virtual teams need to adapt or change their approach and develop new and existing behaviours and skills in order to generate optimum levels of individual and organisational performance.

What you will learn

This interactive course is designed to help participants:

  • Understand the key issues and motivators which influence the performance of virtual teams; and
  • Develop specific behaviours, knowledge and skills to successfully build, develop and manage virtual teams;
  • Design effective strategies to improve the performance of virtual teams and to overcome the operational challenges which can affect their performance

Who should attend

  • Managers and team leaders of virtual teams
  • Project Managers who are managing virtual teams
  • HR Professionals who may advise and support virtual teams
  • Anyone who is responsible for building a new virtual team or refocusing an existing team

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All of our Leadership and Management Development trainers are experienced practitioners who specialise in delivering interpersonal and management training for a host of organisations, including public sector, private practice and corporate organisations.

Many of our speakers are experienced executive coaches to senior executives and directors in some of the most well-known blue chip companies.

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  • The needs of a virtual team and what can affect their performance
  • The challenges of managing a virtual team
  • What additional behaviours, knowledge and skills are needed for effective management of a virtual team?
  • Communication with virtual teams – challenges and solutions (e.g. on-line meetings, feedback on performance, effective use of technology)
  • Building and maintaining effective relationships and collaboration
  • Building trust, confidence and motivation
  • Setting clear, precise and effective goals
  • Working effectively with cultural diversity in virtual teams
  • Performance management of virtual teams
  • Building and developing a virtual team
  • Action plans to develop virtual team effectiveness


Edinburgh, Glasgow, London


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