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It is fair to say that not all companies have a blessed life from their inception to their stock market floatation. The road to success is paved with a wide range of corporate pot holes. The small company growing too fast. The unsuccessful acquisition. Public sector privatisation. Technological obsolescence. So many reasons for firms to become sub-optimal.

In the current economic climate where the rate of technological change is so fast it is easy to get lost on day to day production and find yourself exposed to strategic risk.

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What you will gain

This course is intended to provide thinking space for those that want to make sure their company does not get into difficulty. And for those who find themselves in charge of one that is!

Course content

By the end of this course, you will have a greater understanding of:

  • using some of the basic tools to improve your business performance
  • a structure for creating a good Key Performance Indicator to help monitor the change
  • the reasons for business failure
  • the six elements of business turnaround
  • learning from others and the importance of continuous improvement


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