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Stef Scott By Stef Scott, Professional Development

14 September 2015

LinkedIn has become an important networking tool for many business professionals who want to make more of an impact. 

The site now has more than 300 million active profiles, and according to LinkedIn, two new members join every second. It used to be a site where you uploaded your CV and waited for recruiters to call.

Now, it is so much more.

How to use LinkedIn effectively

It is important to create a compelling LinkedIn profile. 

Recruiters, colleagues, clients and prospects will type your name into Google to find out about you. Your LinkedIn profile is likely to be their first port of call. So, it makes sense to make your profile the best it can be. A good profile can help:

  • Set you apart from other candidates if you are looking for a new position.
  • Improve your visibility with existing and prospective clients.
  • Demonstrate your particular areas of specialism and expertise.
  • Boost your profile across your industry on a global scale.

Connect with us

ICAS is active on LinkedIn. 

You can connect with us and the wider CA community by following our company page and joining our official members group. If you've qualified as a CA, ensure that you add ICAS to your Education field on your LinkedIn profile, as well as including the letters 'CA' after your name.

Find out more

David Petherick is a social media guru who specialises in LinkedIn profile makeovers. Here, he shares ten useful tips to help accountants improve their LinkedIn profile, which naturally, he has posted to LinkedIn.

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