JIEB demystifying the numbers

12 October 2016

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Edinburgh, 12 October 2016

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This course looks at exam technique for approaching JIEB number questions, tools to maximise the candidates chance of obtaining a pass mark, how to layout templates quickly and concisely ensuring candidates include the correct informatio and how to build confidence in tackling numbers questions under exam conditions

This course is suitable for JIE Candidates, JIE re-sit Candidates, CPI/CPCI/CPPI Students and Insolvency Professionals preparing for enrolment onto the JIE Examinations

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This one day course will, through a combination of coaching and technical expertise:

  • Provide candidates with essential exam techniques to employ when tackling a numbers based question in the examination
  • Show candidates the tools to use to ensure that candidates are doing everything possible to obtain a pass mark when attempting numbers based questions
  • Build confidence so that number based questions are no longer to be feared
  • Outline the importance of good exam preparation and the importance of knowing the required templates
  • Go through the templates and content required for the preparation of Statement of Affairs, Estimated Outcome Statements and Receipts and Payments accounts
  • Revise the Prescribed part and how it is calculated
  • Offer a group session where the speaker deconstructs two previous JIE exam questions to illustrate how the questions should be approached and where marks can be achieved




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Email: ldicas@bpp.com


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