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Days Inventory Outstanding (DIO) is normally the metric associated with this area but because inventory can be a mixture of physical stock and subjective work in progress the metric has become outdated. This course questions whether any organisation needs stock at all and delivers some of the solutions to holding stock, whilst recognising some pitfalls of such a policy. The financial supply chain in the inventory section is broken into two sections, one for stock and one for work in progress. This course will assist people in understanding how to make the processes more efficient with regard to stock and reduce system orientated issues regarding work in progress.

What you will learn

  1. Appreciate the way Just in Time (JIT) is one of several methods can enhance your cash flow
  2. Understand why stock could become a liability
  3. Learn how to manage work in progress and stock in a proactive manner

Who should attend

Business and financial controllers, accountants, credit controllers and payment officers, internal auditors, accounting / IT business process owners, systems accountants, bank commercial teams, purchase teams. The course will be valuable to anyone responsible for managing any part of the financial supply chain.

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  • Inventory (stock and work in progress) chain
  • Actions to reduce stock
  • Actions to reduce work in progress (WIP)
  • Inventory management case study
  • Recommended approach
  • Outcomes


Online course


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