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This course will cover IAS 39 measures rather than the new IFRS 9 as at present IAS 39 is still being used in full within the EU. It will look at definitions of what is a financial instrument, a financial asset and a financial liability. It will also look at IAS 32, financial instruments presentation, looking at what qualifies as a liability and what should be classified as equity. The course covers the different categories of financial instruments under IAS 39 and what qualifies under assets and liabilities. It will also cover the project to replace IAS 39 and the progress that has been made so far under IFRS 9.

What you will learn

  • Be able to clarify financial instrument definitions
  • Have an understanding of the debt/equity treatment under IAS 32 Financial instruments: presentation
  • Have an understanding of the different elements of IAS 39 Financial instruments: recognition and measurement
  • Have an understanding of the disclosures required in IFRS 7 Financial instruments: disclosures
  • Have up to date knowledge about the project to replace IAS 39 with IFRS 9.

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