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With ICAS Careers, our programmes and initiatives will provide guidance and advice to support the development of your career, from mentoring to volunteering. 

1. ICAS Mentoring  

Available to all ICAS members ICAS Mentoring presents a unique opportunity to help shape the careers of other members. We offer three mentoring programmes that are designed to work with all ages and stages of life; Career Mentoring, Foundation Mentoring, and Business Mentoring

2. Career Coaching  

Develop your career with specialised Career Coaching. Endorsed by ICAS, Full Circle Development are skilled in adapting to meet individual needs and challenges. Through career coaching they can inspire you to discover your full professional potential. 

3. CA Career Conversations

Brand new from ICAS, the CA Career Conversations event aims to share the experience and career journeys of experienced CAs with you, the next generation of our profession. 

4. Online Learning   

We know that our members want to learn flexibly and complete courses in their own time. We offer exclusive online member courses, training collections, and online recommended resources to let you take control of your career progression. Our exclusive FutureLearn Member Collections give you access to new opportunities. 

Your Professional Development  - Your Way

ICAS Careers is part of our Make Your Professional Development Count Programme, which also covers key areas of Leadership and Technical, each with a range of professional development opportunities and training courses. Take a look at the whole programme and you can easily ensure that you keep your technical knowledge up-to-date, as well having the opportunity to improve your professional skill-set. If you've got any questions simply contact us at pd@icas.com and we'll be happy to help.

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