How to forecast and budget more effectively

17 September 2019
Scotland: 9.30am-4.30pm; England: 9.30am-5pm
Glasgow, London, Edinburgh, Manchester

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Glasgow, 17 September 2019
Edinburgh, 12 November 2019

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London, 23 September 2019
London, 19 November 2019
Manchester, 10 December 2019

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This one day course teaches budgeting and forecasting methods designed to help organisations to grow.  It explores the limitations with traditional approaches to budgeting and forecasting, why forecasts and budgets must be kept apart, and how rolling forecasts can help to drive growth.

It includes a re-evaluation of the role of the budget and looks at techniques to be used for those faced with changing the way that budgets and forecasts operate.

What you will learn

  • What is a budget, what is a forecast, why do we have them, and why do they play such a central role in the management of the organisation?

  • The role of forecasting as a driver of growth and how it can reshape what is needed from the budget. You may learn why forecasting needs to be separated from budgeting and why they should have very different aims, the role of the rolling forecast, the importance of information in forecasting, the link between forecasting and performance measurement, how a rolling forecast can reshape what's needed from the budget and why the budget needs to remain but focused on a few specific requirements.

  • If an organisation is starting out, what to get right and what to avoid; why revenue budgets matter more than expenditure budgets, and how to approach both and what sort of controls are needed.

  • The role of Finance in driving change in budgeting and forecasting practice. This course covers why finance managers need to change what they do if they are to be able to deliver change in budgeting and forecasting. Also, how to show colleagues where the problems and opportunities lie

Who should attend

This course will benefit board members, senior managers and accountants with responsibility for budgeting.

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All of our presenters are experts in Business and Financial Management and have worked in the fields that they deliver courses on. All have experience in either the private or public sector, with some having worked in both sectors. Our key speakers have held senior positions in a range of organisation including the FTSE 100. The Programme Manager of this division has held leading roles in organisations such as Boots, Reed Elsevier and Sainsbury's.

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When the conventional annual budget is replaced by the combination of a more credible budgeting process and a rolling forecast, a responsive and highly-effective management tool can emerge. On this course discover how to:

  • Create a dynamic rolling forecast for both revenue and expenditure.
  • Produce a budgeting process that can quickly reflect the output from the rolling forecast.
  • Make your budgeting process responsive to plans inspired by changes in strategy and the market; plus the need for improvements in efficiency and effectiveness of operations.
  • Play a pivotal role as a catalyst for change.


Glasgow, London, Edinburgh, Manchester


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