How good is your critical thinking?

By Eleanor O'Neill, Professional Development

8 August 2017

Critical thinking is the ability to take a logical and well-reasoned approach to future planning and problem-solving - an essential trait for leaders and aspirational CAs.

Mastering this skill can boost your aptitude for mediation, delegation and vastly improve your decision-making processes. 

By always considering the bigger picture and constantly questioning the 'who, what, when, where, why and how' of important information you are given, it is possible to gain a deeper understanding of the influencing factors in almost any situation.

Critical thinkers can independently reflect on the potential outcomes of various scenarios and objectively assess the best course of action for a successful result.

Adopting this level of foresight requires an adaptive and balanced approach to professional choices. You need to be able to evaluate problems on an ad hoc basis and apply the same level of non-biased care each time.

This is a key skill for managers, as critical thought lends a distinct advantage to predicting future obstacles and setting achievable goals for an organisation.

FutureLearn, in partnership with ICAS, offers a free online course, 'Logical and Critical Thinking', to help you adapt your processes in this way and use them practically in your everyday life.

Leading Figures, experts in coaching and consulting for finance and business professionals, have produced the ICAS Masterminds Executive Coaching Programme to promote innovative thinking and accelerate the career growth of CAs.

To find out more about growth mindset and our new programme, view our 'Masterminds - The Growth Mindset' on-demand video.


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