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This module reviews the key characteristics of hedge funds including the flexibility of managers in making investments compared with traditional long-only managers. It looks at the main strategies used by hedge fund managers including directional, event driven and relative value strategies. There is then a review of the vehicles available to individual investors who wish to invest, including UCITS-compliant funds and funds of hedge funds. The module concludes by considering the issues surrounding investing in hedge funds and the advantages and disadvantages of including them in a client portfolio.

What you will learn

  1. What differentiates a hedge fund from other funds
  2. The strategies employed by hedge funds
  3. How UCITS compliant funds can offer absolute return strategies
  4. The advantages and disadvantages of investing in funds of hedge funds
  5. The impact of including hedge funds in portfolios

Who should attend

If you work within the hedge fund industry or provide services to those who do, this course is ideal for an in-depth insight into this absolute return environment. A basic knowledge of equities, bonds and derivative instruments is assumed.

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  • Characteristics of a hedge fund
  • Single strategy funds
  • Fund of hedge funds


Online course


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