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Online course

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Recent research has found that 77% of employers believe alcohol is the biggest threat to employee well being. A survey by Knowledge Union Health Care showed that 33% of employees admitted to going to work with a hangover. This course looks to identify the impact of alcohol in the workplace and what are some of the issues faced by both the employee and employer.

What you will learn

  1. Understand the impact on employers, and the legal implications for employers, of such use
  2. Recognise the signs of alcohol and drug misuse in the workplace
  3. Be aware of the different courses of action an employer may take to address the problem

Who should attend

Managers and HR professionals who require a greater understanding of the legal and managerial implications of alcohol and drug use in the workplace.

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  • Background to the issue
  • Impact and legal implications
  • Recognising the signs
  • Employer action


Online course


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