Financial modelling - Essential introduction

13 August 2018
Edinburgh, London, Online

Face-to-face course

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London, 13 August 2018
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Edinburgh, 7 November 2018

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Online Classroom Live course 

This course is also available as an Online Classroom Live (OCR Live) course, giving you greater flexibility and choice as to how you learn. Our expert presenters will deliver the same course content but it is offered through an online environment, across 3 days in three shorter 2-hour bite-size morning sessions.

Price: £425 + VAT
Time: 9.30-11.30am

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OCR Live course, 8, 11 and 12 October 2018

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A practical 1-day course covering all of the basic excel skills needed to start building a financial model.

Numerous practical, hands-on exercises are performed to illustrate all the basic excel features and functionality, from basic navigation through to more complex "lookup" functions.

There is a mix of following the instructor on the screen, and exercises designed to help the delegates work the answer out for themselves.

This one-day course is a prerequisite for the subsequent financial modelling course. It covers all the basic excel required in order to start to build a financial model. There is little time to recap these excel basics on the subsequent courses, so it important that delegates who are at all concerned about their basic excel ability should attend this course first. Laptops (excel v.2007) are provided.

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  • Excel shortcuts (use of the mouse is actively discouraged)
  • Basic navigation and selection
  • Toolbar and function access
  • Copying and linking
  • Financial modelling essentials: flexibility and dynamism
  • F4 dollarisation (absolute cell referencing)
  • Formatting and styles
  • Excel names
  • Logical statements: IF, AND, OR
  • Lookups:
    • Match
    • VLookup
    • HLookup
    • Switches and drop-down lists


Edinburgh, London, Online


Tel: 0330 060 3303


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  • England and Wales
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  • Scotland
  • Training courses
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