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Extend your horizons with online courses specially-selected by ICAS for our UK and international members, and provided by FutureLearn.

Keeping up-to-date technically is one aspect, but how do you develop as a leader or become accountable for your career? ICAS knows that professional development should be engaging and we want to transform learning for our members with global and innovative initiatives.

FutureLearn, the UK massive open online course platform, work with 91 leading universities and cultural institutions to deliver well-designed and engaging online learning. So far the leading social learning platform has attracted over 4 million learners from across the globe and continues to grow with learners eager to demonstrate career and professional development.

ICAS is with working with FutureLearn to create two specially selected collections of free online courses for our Global and UK Members. These short online courses will enable members to learn flexibly (study on your mobile, laptop, or tablet) and complete courses from leading institutions around the world.

FutureLearn’s partners include the British Council, the British Library, and the British Museum, and they work with organisations and businesses such as the UK Government, the Institution of Engineering and Technology, and now, ICAS, to provide high-quality online learning.

What can I learn?

The courses require just a few hours of time each week, and you can show evidence of your drive, determination, and continued development by earning a Certificate of Achievement.

You’ll also receive an online version to add to your CV and LinkedIn profile in the subject of your choice, whether that be; developing cultural intelligence for leadership; the digital economy; managing your online identity or engaging your workforce.

Develop your leadership skills, progress your career or explore new passions.

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