Dealing with stress in the workplace: a manager's guide online course


Stress’ is becoming more common as a cause of sickness absence. Managing stress in the workplace can be sensitive, difficult and time-consuming for managers. It can be linked to high levels of staff turnover and can impact on the everyday running of an organisation.

Having the knowledge and confidence to manage the stress levels of your employees and ensuring that you tackle any issues at the earliest opportunity, should lead to a better working environment for everyone and reduce the risk of stress-related legal claims.

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What you will gain

This course will give you an understanding of the key legal and practical issues surrounding ‘stress in the workplace’ from an employment law angle.

Course content

By the end of this course, you will have a greater understanding of:

  • what is ‘stress’?
  • some facts and figures
  • the two mains areas of concern for managers, from an employment law perspective:
    • unfair dismissal
    • disability discrimination
  • a quick look at other potential legal considerations:
    • personal injury claims
    • Working Time Regulations 2008
    • bullying and harassment in the workplace, including the Protection from Harassment Act 1997
    • how to deal with employees who raise grievances during the process of dealing with stress in the workplace
    • implementing strategies for improving stress levels in the workplace and reducing stress-related sickness absence


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