CPI / CPPI Training Programme for Insolvency Professionals

1 February 2018
Blended Learning

  • Duration:
    • CPI - 6 days plus 14 online sessions
    • CPPI - 4 days plus 7 online sessions
  • Package Prices:
    • Full CPI package - £2500 + VAT
    • Full CPPI package - £1500 + VAT

* Please note no further discounts are available on the package prices.

The Certificate of Proficiency in Insolvency (CPI)

CPI is an excellent qualification that should be considered by anyone looking to progress a career in Insolvency. The course is both practical and technical and the examination aims to test the candidates' competency in statutory insolvency procedures and covers both corporate and personal insolvency.

2018 CPI Timetable to be announced

Certificate of Proficiency in Personal Insolvency (CPPI)

CPPI is an excellent qualification that should be considered by anyone building a career in Personal Insolvency, this course focuses only on statutory personal insolvency and the debt solutions available out with the formal statutory provisions.

2018 CPPI Timetable to be announced

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What you will learn?

CPI is a qualification that is recognised both inside and outside the insolvency profession. CPI would accommodate the learning requirements of a candidate who is new to the insolvency profession or a candidate who has several years' experience in insolvency, but who does not wish to advance to the stage of sitting the JIEB examinations. The flexibility of this qualification is such that it can be used as a stepping stone towards the preparation of the JIEB examinations.

CPPI - This qualification was introduced by the IPA in 2009 and is of a level equivalent to CPI. However, this course and qualification provides an opportunity for those working solely in the personal insolvency sector to gain a thorough understanding of the personal insolvency legislation, the sequestration of partnerships and the forms of debt solutions that are out with formal insolvency.

Whichever examination is chosen by the student, all the modules are designed to assist the student to cover the relevant syllabus in sufficient detail to ensure all major areas are covered in preparation for the examination. The student will be equipped with comprehensive, up to date study packs and detailed course notes for each module, reflecting up to date legislation and best practice to assist learning and revision.

The courses are run via a mixture of face to face tutoring, interactive on line courses and webinars. This will encourage the candidates learning experience to be practical, participative and enjoyable. The programme includes an optional mock exam, with feedback on examination technique and a revision session designed to assist the students with any areas of particular difficulty as identified by students throughout the programme.

Who should attend?

Although these modules are aimed at anyone planning on sitting the CPI/ CPPI/CPCI exams, they can also be used by those wishing to receive specific insolvency training but who do not wish to sit the formal examinations.

Full speaker list

Judith Howson LLB (Hons) ACCA MABRP

Judith Howson has worked in the Insolvency profession for 18 years.  Judith's work experience began at Buchler Phillips, a year secondment at Ferrier Hodgson Insolvency Practitioners, Kroll, Zolfo Cooper & Deloitte before setting up her own Insolvency Consultancy Practice late 2013.

Judith is ACCA / CPI & JIE qualified.  She was Instrumental in establishing the R3 Scottish Women in Insolvency Group and retains a place on the R3 Scotland Committee. 

Judith is already carving out a strong reputation for herself as an insolvency trainer by preparing students not only for their future insolvency careers but by ensuring where possible they achieve a pass in their examinations.

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