Corporation tax - what an accountant needs to know - loss relief, capital gains and groups

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This course begins by covering the various claims a single company can make to obtain relief for trading losses. Where losses are carried forward, the restrictions resulting from a change in ownership are covered.

The loss relief available where a company is a member of a group is dealt with next. The module then looks at corporation tax on chargeable gains, covering indexation allowance and roll over relief on the replacement of business assets, together with the substantial shareholding exemption.

Finally, the ways in which membership of a group can impact on corporation tax on capital gains is dealt with.

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By the end of this course you will understand:

  • How companies obtain relief for trading losses
  • The effect of a change of ownership on the carry forward of losses
  • When group relief can be claimed for losses
  • The operation of corporation tax on capital gains
  • The relief from tax on capital gains where business assets are replaced
  • How to obtain the benefit of the substantial shareholding exemption
  • How membership of a group can affect corporation tax on chargeable gains


Online Course


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