Communication skills

7 November 2018

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Glasgow, 7 November 2018

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Do you sometimes struggle to get your message across? What would you do if you were a great communicator: how would your personal and professional life change for the better? Evidence shows that interpersonal skills, like being an effective communicator, are the greatest predictor of success amongst professionals of a similar background and IQ. The good news is that they can be learnt and developed to become more successful, resourceful and influential.

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This course is aimed at all individuals who wish to get their message across more effectively.

Note: A similar course is available for those delegates based in England.

Communication skills - an introduction

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All of our Leadership and Management Development trainers are experienced practitioners who specialise in delivering interpersonal and management training for a host of organisations, including public sector, private practice and corporate organisations.

Many of our speakers are experienced executive coaches to senior executives and directors in some of the most well-known blue chip companies.

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  • Gain new information through effective questioning techniques
  • Pick up on hidden messages
  • Actively listen for feelings as well as meaning
  • Recognise other people's values and motivation and frame the message accordingly
  • Use non-verbal language to support the spoken message
  • Use techniques to check and build the understanding of others




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