CFO of the future 3: Cost and profitability analysis

9 October 2018

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Edinburgh, 9 October 2018

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The CFO of the Future workshops are aimed at existing and aspiring CFOs (including finance directors / controllers / managers, strategic / business planners and anyone responsible for improving the finance and planning operations) who want to improve their knowledge and performance.  

They are applicable to both the private and public sector.

Spread out over the year, these workshops will bring you up to speed with all the latest tools, techniques and best practices and enable you to drive positive growth and change inside your organisation. 

Book the series or choose individual workshops.

'CFO of the future 3: Cost and profitability analysis' will help you to see beyond budgets and accounting statements to find where the deep cost reduction and profit-making opportunities are. 

This involves learning new practices and techniques, including 'lean practice' and 'process mapping' as well as the power of 'transparent information'.

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  • How to learn from 'lean' practices (including value stream).
  • How to use process maps and cost drivers to identify and eliminate non-value costs.
  • How to use lean practices in both manufacturing and service organisations.
  • How to find strategic and profitable products and customers (and deal with those that aren't).
  • How to reduce expenses (such as travel, marketing, IT, etc) using various techniques and practices including benchmarking, shared service centres, internal markets, outsourcing and peer scrutiny.
  • Case examples are drawn from a wide range of organisations.




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