ICAS Gold Dust Career Insights Series: on-demand videos

This video and podcast series will run throughout 2017-2018, featuring ‘gold dust’ insights from fellow CA members who have experienced exceptional and interesting career journeys since being admitted into ICAS membership.

Popular Radio DJ Paul Harper from Heart FM and Dougie Loan from Odro, speak with a range of CAs to reflect on their key insights and career defining moments that have helped them get to where they are today.

Susan Findlay CA
Assistant Director of Regulatory Authorisations, ICAS

Susan shares insight in to a day in life at ICAS.

Despite our MoralDNA profiling tool indicating that Susan has the behavioural preferences of that of a teacher, she herself believed accountancy was a natural route for her given her passion for numbers.

Susan talks about identifying her weaknesses and how she transformed such in to strengths, paving the way for securing her current role as Assistant Director at ICAS.


Once you have watched the video, reflect on what your gold dust career insights might be – you can share them with other members via ICAS’s Linkedin and Twitter accounts using the hashtag #ICASCareerInsights.

New videos in the series will be added over the coming months. Keep an eye out on our social media channels and emails for upcoming video and podcasts.

Rory Forrest CA

Rory Forrest CA
Finance Director, Signature Pub Group

Professional football aspirations did not materialise for Rory Forrest, however with his acumen for numbers he believes he was destined for a role in accountancy.  In the next of our gold dust career insights Rory shares his career journey to date.

Starting out with one of the Big 4, Rory quickly branched out in to the big world and gained a variety of experience including; operations management, audit and accountancy, leading him to his current role of Finance Director with Signature Pub Group.

Another interesting watch with lots of inspiration and insight.

Annie Graham CA

Annie Graham
Partner, Ernst & Young LLP

At the time of becoming Partner, Annie was the youngest Partner in the UK. Annie talks about when and how her CA journey began; a journey she fell in to but has never looked back. Annie shares valuable insight on many topics, in particular the facets of a great leader.

Energetic and vibrant, this is a must watch video.

Yusuf Ahmet CA

Yusuf Ahmet CA
Manager, Capital Markets of Baringa Partners

Following a less than privileged start in life Yusuf secured a job with Blackrock and went on to secure a place at the University of Surrey, and very quickly saw his career develop, most recently achieving his CA qualification.

Watch Yusuf’s video to hear his story; his journey, his inspiration and his advice for others.


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