Career Mentoring: Access, Breadth and Choice

Over 500 participants have already signed up to Career Mentoring; our new global, virtual programme that connects professionals across industry sectors.

We are building a leading, global professional community that is well-served through innovations such as Career Mentoring, and our strategy of creating a ‘Virtual ICAS’ aims to connect members globally through an excellent digital experience wherever they are in the world.

What makes this mentoring programme different? We are celebrating The Year of the Mentor at ICAS, and couldn’t imagine providing our members with a global, virtual service that is attached to a hefty price tag. Read on to find out if you could benefit from a mentor.

Mentoring is a vital activity for all stages of your career, so with that in mind we have removed all associated costs for members to ensure everyone can receive fair access to this progressive programme.

Mentoring used to be a common staple of businesses in the 20th century, but growing pressure and competition has gradually eroded time dedicated to self-development and personal decision-making. Career Mentoring features a wide pool of talent, skills and advice, just waiting for you to join in.

The programme has been structured to complement and enhance your organisation’s existing mentoring suites, and uniquely offers mentees the chance to pair with mentors of their choice, from the industry of their choice.

Greater choice means that you can shape your own development, in your own time using our global, virtual service. Career advice does not need to come from someone who is necessarily senior or older than you: career counselling is vital at all stages of your development, from your first job, transitions and up to retirement.

For instance, a junior staff member may be able to share ways to work with technology to improve workflow or demystify processes with an older, more established manager, just as a senior manager can advise middle managers halfway through their careers.

Career-paths and roles are constantly evolving, and it could be considered that mentoring is required more than ever. There is no one ‘perfect’ mentor; throughout your career you could have many different advisors and developers, helping you approach life with different perspectives, as well as challenging yourself towards continual growth.

It’s not necessarily a long-term relationship either: each mentor-mentee relationship varies according to need. You might need input for a few weeks, or you might need it for a few months. It’s also helpful to speak to someone who doesn’t know you and can offer a fresh perspective on your career as they see it.

Do I need a mentor?

  • Making a transition from middle-management to senior?
  • Changing sectors?
  • Considering retirement?
  • Need advice on where you should take your career, and important skills to foster?
  • Already had a mentor? You might still need a mentor; self-improvement does not start and end in a few sessions, and different issues will face you at different stages of your career.

Sometimes having that friendly, professional ear makes all the difference. Start by looking at the current challenges in your life: do you have the resources to manage them?

Each mentor can offer a different style of support, and each mentee can objectively analyse their personal and professional progression. This two-way relationship may be one of the most important for your career.

Other mentoring opportunities from ICAS

Career Mentoring is not the only fantastic mentoring opportunity provided by ICAS. The ICAS Foundation, which aims to support academically talented young people into university, offers mentoring opportunities for CAs. All ICAS Foundation mentors will be supporting students or school pupils who want to go to university to study accountancy or finance.

ICAS is also keen to support business growth through our business mentoring programme; giving our membership access to an experienced mentor who can provide valuable support to those starting out or seeking growth.

ICAS will be relevant to our members throughout their careers with high-quality professional development. We want to enable you to engage and build networks which sustain your professional identity; achieving the highest standards of professional practice will also influence the future of the profession in the public interest.

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