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19 November 2019

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Edinburgh, 19 November 2019

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Thanks to the ever increasing sophistication and power of IT and associated technologies, along with their reducing costs, organisations now have the capability to acquire and process vast amounts of data.

Yet the possession of huge pools of data is of little value unless it can be intelligently assembled into something that can provide real business value, management insight and predictive capability.

In fact, the possession of such quantities of data can be a real hindrance to intelligent decision making as "the wood cannot be seen for the trees."

What you will learn

Business Analytics may be thought of as a series of skills, technologies, processes and tools by which we can analyse and convert data not just into management information but into predictive insights and business intelligence (BI). This feeds into both the management decision-making processes and corporate performance management framework (CPM).

The aim is to move beyond reporting what is happening and into why things are happening and consequently what might happen in the future. This course looks at the many facets of business analytics and the tools and techniques being employed.

Who should attend

This course can benefit finance directors, financial controllers, finance analysts, management accountants, operational and commercial managers and change managers in all commercial sectors, plus public sector and not for profit organisations.

Note: A similar course is available for those delegates based in England.

Big data and business analytics

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All of our presenters are experts in Business and Financial Management and have worked in the fields that they deliver courses on. All have experience in either the private or public sector, with some having worked in both sectors. Our key speakers have held senior positions in a range of organisation including the FTSE 100. The Programme Manager of this division has held leading roles in organisations such as Boots, Reed Elsevier and Sainsbury's.

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  • What are Business Analytics?
  • Where do we get data from?
  • Examples of Analytics applications and Basic Analytics tools - statistical and non-statistical
    • Analysing what we have – patterns and relationships in data
    • Time series and trend analysis
    • Regression and correlation analysis
    • Price elasticity
    • Probabilities
    • Distributional analysis
    • Reference class and consensus forecasting
    • Cause and Effect analysis
    • Future value analysis
  • Analytics and Performance Measurement
    • What should we be reporting to managers?
    • Using analytical methods to determine the "right" measures
    • Identifying key drivers in the business
    • Avoiding the law of unintended consequences
    • The "vital few" Vs the "Many" – getting focus
    • Dashboards, scorecards and control charts for reporting
    • Goal setting – What does "good" look like and benchmarking




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