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In today's economic climate, more than ever, we must ensure that for any investments of significance in our businesses that we undertake produce returns that protect our cash, satisfy investors or shareholders expectations and justify the risks taken.

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What you will gain

This course looks at what constitutes a good business case, how we may effectively model it and considers the quantification of risk.

Course content

By the end of this course, you will have a greater understanding of:

  • recognising what constitutes a good business case format - what need does it fulfil, how will we achieve it and why should we do it?
  • how to model a business case using Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) techniques, IRR and ROI effectively and the cash impact it has - breakeven and payback periods
  • recognising the negative and positive impacts on investors and share value a business case can have
  • how to evaluate up-front and on-going tangible and intangible costs and benefits
  • considering the impact and evaluation of risk within a business case


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