Budgeting demystified

30 July 2019
London, Glasgow, Edinburgh

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Glasgow, 1 October 2019
Edinburgh, 7 November 2019

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London, 30 July 2019
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What you will learn

This course considers some of the basic principles behind budget construction. All budgeting should start right at the beginning - Why do we exist as a company? What are we actually trying to do? What will it cost to deliver it and how much should we charge for the service? To that extent, we will consider the link of the strategy to decision making to the final budget preparation.

It will consider the key aspects of budget compilation, cost behaviours, the pros and cons of various budgeting methods and look at such concepts as breaking even. It will consider why it might be important for your organisation to prepare a cash budget as well as an accruals based budget. Once a budget has been compiled it is very often overtaken by events so it is important to have a control framework that helps budget management throughout the financial year. It will, therefore, consider the murky world of forecasting and variance analysis as well as considering more creative ways of presenting information to non-financial managers.

This course is intended to be an interactive day with exercises and discussion to remind you of the terms, acronyms and calculations that surround the world of budgeting and the dreaded monthly management accounts!

Who should attend

This is the course for those who may be approaching budgeting for the first time with trepidation or those who have been involved in day to day spreadsheet preparation and are wondering why.

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All of our presenters are experts in Business and Financial Management and have worked in the fields that they deliver courses on. All have experience in either the private or public sector, with some having worked in both sectors. Our key speakers have held senior positions in a range of organisation including the FTSE 100. The Programme Manager of this division has held leading roles in organisations such as Boots, Reed Elsevier and Sainsbury's.

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  • The decision making process – from strategy to plan
  • Budget preparation:
    • Cost behaviours
    • Different types of budget construction
    • Absorption v marginal costing
    • Mark up v margin
    • Breaking even
    • Perverse behaviour and the problem of human beings!
  • The budgeting control environment
    • The budgeting framework
    • Variance analysis
    • Forecasting
    • Presenting the information
    • Spreadsheets…

The course will also run an issues board throughout the day so if there are any best practice or technical questions that can’t be answered on the day, the answer will be found and reported to all attendees after the course.


London, Glasgow, Edinburgh


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