Online classroom live training courses in partnership with BPP Professional Development

Our training partner BPP Professional Development has developed an innovative Online Classroom (OCR) Live platform that will revolutionise the delivery of some of our online training courses and that can also be used as part of an in-house programme bespoke for any organisation.

We offer an extensive selection of 100% live and interactive online courses, allowing you to engage with your presenter, other delegates and a wealth of online content.

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OCR live is also a fantastic opportunity for global organisations, or indeed those operating multi-site, as it allows a group learning training events to take place with participants from different locations thereby reducing travel time and cost but without sacrificing quality.

If you wish to receive a demonstration of the OCR service and/or wish to discuss your organisation's specific learning and development requirements, please contact the Corporate Business Team on the below details:


Telephone: +44 (0)330 060 3303


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