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Online course

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Emotional Intelligence (EI) is nowadays recognised as being as important as IQ. Understanding what EI is and utilising Emotional Intelligence in the workplace can play a large part in career success. This course explores various aspects of emotional intelligence and explains how you can apply EI to your own particular circumstance

What you will learn

  • Understand what EI is and its various facets
  • Be able to examine their own EI and begin to explore their own strengths and areas for development
  • Develop a short actionable plan for boosting their EI and have tips to help them realise it.

Who should attend

Individuals that are looking to progress their career by improving their emotional intelligence skills

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  • Understand what emotional intelligence is and why it matters to your success
  • Explore the various facets of EI and how you can focus on the facets that you most need to develop
  • Examine how EI makes and breaks careers through some real life case studies


Online course


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