Big data and business analytics

15 October 2019

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London, 15 October 2019

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What you will learn

Obtain a greater understanding of the concepts of big data and business analytics, and insight into how to:

  • use the following management accounting tools and techniques for sophisticated analytics: activity-based costing, management, and budgeting; product profitability and customer profitability; priority-based budgeting and cost control; driver-based planning and budgeting; customer and market value analysis; demand-driven forecasting
  • influence all managers to think analytically
  • think strategically in a total context
  • deliver insight through analytics
  • monitor organisational performance in an analytical context
  • develop innovative business models
  • use analytics to transform finance

Who should attend

  • Analytics will play a vital role in the future of finance, so CFOs, finance managers, management accountants and other finance professionals will benefit.
  • CEOs, managing directors, general managers, business development managers, business planning managers, business unit managers, sales and marketing managers, engineering and HR managers will discover how analytics can profit the whole organisation.

Note: A similar course is available for those delegates based in Scotland

Business analytics

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Data analytics will increasingly be recognised as the most important means of identifying the business drivers of the organisation and therefore the major influence on the financial outcome of the organisation. The programme will examine:

What is big data?

  • the 4V’s of big data – volume, velocity, variety, veracity
  • sources of big data
  • structured vs. unstructured data
  • internal and external data
  • what organisations should do about data
  • mining of appropriate data
  • how organisations could derive value out of data

The fundamentals of business analytics

  • what are analytics? what are the sources?
  • how are analytics used in the current business climate?
  • identifying the benefits and impacts on performance and profitability
  • analytics as a source of competitive advantage
  • improving business process using analytics
  • performance scorecards enhanced through analytics
  • exploiting analytics using management accounting tools and techniques
  • identifying business drivers using analytics
  • customer and supplier analytics that drive value
  • strategic planning budgeting, forecasting and performance management
  • old tools - new methods. Analytics enhancing the management accounting toolset
  • providing in sight versus reporting the past
  • building the ideal predictive planning model
  • building organisational strategy using analytics
  • the importance of strategy in the current business climate
  • strategic models enhanced by analytics
  • driving strategic outcomes using analytics
  • analytical competition - exploiting the oceans of data
  • customer, supplier and asset analytics influencing strategic directions
  • business analytics and organisational success
  • business analytics and financial outcomes
  • how analytics can improve the decision making process
  • better alignment of resources with strategies
  • developing an analytical culture to deliver organisational success
  • moving beyond business intelligence
  • analytics and financial transformation




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