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Online course

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This module provides an introduction to behavioural finance. Taking traditional financial theory as a starting point, we will examine how behavioural finance impacts on our understanding of key concepts such as efficient markets and asset pricing. Individual behaviour is shaped by cognitive errors and emotional biases, and we will consider how these affect investment decisions, amongst both private and professional investor

What you will learn

  • The difference between traditional finance and behavioural finance 
  • How behavioural finance impacts on our understanding of key investment concepts 
  • Key factors that affect individual behaviour and why it is so difficult to overcome our inherent biases 
  • How we see the effects of cognitive errors and emotional biases in decision-making amongst private and professional investors 

Who should attend

Finance professionals that want a better understanding of the impact that human behaviour has on investment decisions and the subsequent effect on markets as a whole.

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  • An introduction to behavioural finance 
  • The impact of behavioural finance on efficient markets and asset pricing 
  • The effect of behavioural finance on investment decisions by both private and professional investors


Online course


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