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Arguably, the problem in most companies with performance measurement isn't that we don't have enough - quite the opposite. It's that we have too much and that what we have is unfocused; it lacks a real connection to strategy, lacks coherence down and across the organisation, and fails to drive the behaviours and results we seek. The Balance Scorecard is a performance management framework that seeks to address these shortcomings.

What you will learn

  • What is the Balanced Scorecard and its purpose?
  • Its' importance in terms of strategy and delivery
  • The four perspectives - Customer, Financial, Business Process and Innovation and learning
  • The inevitable interdependency of measures and cause and effect outcomes

Who should attend

Finance professionals who are looking for a more effective means to assess their strategy and performance by focusing on the organisations balanced scorecard. It will also be useful to those wishing to implement the balanced scorecard within their organisation to develop future strategy.

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  • What is the Balanced Scorecard
  • How to use the Balanced Scorecard


Online course


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