Artificial intelligence course

21 March 2018
Edinburgh, Glasgow

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Edinburgh, 21 March 2018
Glasgow, 13 November 2018

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How 'new thinking' is changing the world.

This informative course will benefit anyone who is interested in the evolution and progression of artificial intelligence in the world today, and how it is poised for integration into society. This includes individuals who are looking for a general overview of how the rise of AI could impact them professionally in business, as well as in their personal lives.

This one-day course offers an overview of AI covering a wide range of information and advice around the emergence of artificial intelligence, and what its creators envisage for its purpose and existence amongst society in the near future, based on research and analysis. As AI will impact humans in many facets of life, this course is designed specifically to break down any common myths and fears, whilst maximising information and advice on how the human workforce and AI could co-exist in a business environment and in potential harmony.

The course also provides a forum for discussion and the sharing of ideas, provides hands-on problem-solving exercises, and aims to help people become better prepared for a world of intelligent machines.

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Our technology courses include excel training and financial modelling which covers practical scenarios that delegates are likely to encounter in the workplace. The excel trainers are talented course designers and presenters with experience spanning over three decades.

The Financial Modelling team specialise in training in corporate finance and modelling. In addition, they have completed a number of consulting assignments in the financial modelling field.

They have a wealth of experience training professionals, in both practice and industry, in all areas of financial modelling, accounting and financial analysis. 

Our technology teams have trained all over the world, including Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt, New York, Singapore, Sydney, Kampala and Abu Dhabi.

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By the end of the course, delegates will:

  • Build their knowledge about how AI is already impacting our everyday lives
  • Discover potential opportunities as well as possible threats to humanity and its workforce
  • Identify key fundamentals and predictive costs for digitising a business
  • Become better informed on what to expect in the near future

Learning outcomes include obtaining a greater understanding of:

The AI revolution

  • What is AI?
  • How is AI integrating in today's world?
  • Cognitive augmentation

Benefits and risks of AI in our daily lives

  • Top five benefits to look forward to
  • Top five fears and potential risks that face businesses across the globe
  • The AI debate: challenges and opportunities
  • What this could mean for hackers and other tech crime

Machine learning / deep learning

  • How big data affects machine learning
  • Three typical learning methods including a brief introduction to algorithms
  • Supervised learning v unsupervised learning
  • How AI has now achieved 3% errors in vision

Business focus: potential impact of AI

  • Banking, healthcare, financial services, accounting, customer service, others
  • Intervention of AI: data processing, controls, procedures
  • Could humans and AI work together and function cohesively

Further business topics

  • Top three reasons every start-up needs to experiment with AI
  • Key fundamentals and costs to digitise a company
  • Implications: legal, copyright for bespoke AI
  • The future outlook for humans and the workforce
  • Job market predictions in the next ten years

How the major players in AI today are implementing disruptive technology

AI in vehicle and transportation technology

Reports in focus

  • Experts predict when AI will exceed human performance
  • Why many tech experts disagree on the future impact of AI
  • The state of artificial intelligence report

All exercises and project files used on the course will be available to take home.


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