An introduction to The City and financial markets

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Online Course

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In this course we describe the key functions of the different financial markets in the City of London and how various products are used in these markets to hedge risk. The goal is to demystify a lot of the jargon of the City and explain how the different parts of the City work together.

What you will learn

  • Gain an understanding of purpose of the City and the Buy Side and the Sell Side in the City.
  • Understand some of the risks that companies face and how the City can help to hedge them.
  • Know about major markets in the City including the Money Market, Foreign Exchange, Capital Markets, DCM, ECM, Derivatives Markets, commodities, insurance (Lloyd's) and shipping (the Baltic Exchange).
  • Comprehend the role of the Bank of England and Regulation.
  • Understand terms like LIBOR, bid offer spread, IPO, eurobond, share, FTSE100 share index, derivative, Future, Option, Swap.

Who should attend

Financial professionals who want a better understanding of how the financial markets work.

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  • Description of the key functions and of different financial markets.
  • Understanding the different terms used in the financial markets.
  • Understand how different parts of financial markets work together.


Online Course


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