Accountants biggest mistakes and how to avoid them

7 October 2016

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Glasgow, 7 October 2016

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A one day course showing delegates how to work more smartly by avoiding common errors in the areas of leadership, strategy, management information, budgets and forecasts, systems and processes, and commercial thinking.

You will learn how to identify the most common 'thieves of effectiveness' facing accountants, challenge the thinking behind any errors you find in your organisation and make your team more effective by freeing time to focus on the more value adding functions of finance.

This course will benefit anyone in a finance role at all levels, including CFOs, controllers, management and financial accountants.

At CEO level, the leadership and strategy issues are more pertinent, while financial controllers will find the areas of management information, budgets and processes more relevant. However, from the point of view of career development, all the elements are worth considering as early as possible in a career.

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All of our presenters are experts in Business and Financial Management and have worked in the fields that they deliver courses on. All have experience in either the private or public sector, with some having worked in both sectors. Our key speakers have held senior positions in a range of organisation including the FTSE 100. The Programme Manager of this division has held leading roles in organisations such as Boots, Reed Elsevier and Sainsbury's.

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  • Leadership - five critical mistakes including:
  • Strategy - six errors, including:
  • Management information - seven mistakes, including:
  • Budgets and forecasts - seven actions to avoid, including:
  • Systems and processes - six mistakes to prevent, including:
  • Reliance on spreadsheets
  • Having more than one version of the 'truth'.
  • Big omissions - five to avoid, including:
  • Failing to spend time leading the team - too much 'stuff to do'
  • Making performance management more 'stick' than 'carrot'.
  • Treating strategy as an annual event rather than an ongoing process
  • Failing to monitor and report strategy.




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