The accountant as strategic influencer and adviser - becoming a business partner online course


In 'The accountant as strategic influencer and adviser - the role of business partner', we considered the changing role of the finance professional and looked at some of the ways they can bring greater efficiency and productivity through building closer links to the business, developing the role of business partner.

This second course looks to highlight some of the inter personal skills required to be an excellent Business Partner.

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What you will gain

There is no doubt that some people were born with a high level of Emotional Intelligence while others need to work hard to develop it. The good news is that while IQ tends to level out the older you get, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) can be developed.

This course looks to provide some tools and skills to employ and develop to help the finance professional build rapport with their counterparts within the business - and in doing so fulfil the ever challenging role of the finance business partner.

Course content

By the end of this course, you will have a greater understanding of:

  • the tools that are required to fulfill the business partnering role
  • the important relationship skills required to be a business partner
  • how to develop rapport with customers


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