General practice procedures manual (GPPM)


Current subscribers can access the manual at

Ensure quality of your unregulated work with this all in one package.

The General Practice Procedures Manual is a comprehensive one-stop shop for guidance, advice and support on a wide range of practice issues.

Expert guidance
Practical and technical guidance on everything from accounts preparation to taxation, money laundering and ethical issues and maintaining and ensuring competence.
Comprehensive documents and templates
Over 200 ready to use templates, letters and checklists including a wide range of engagement letters.
Minimise risks
Encourages best practice in all areas of unregulated work, and minimises the risks faced by your firm.

The entire General Practice Procedures Manual is available free to

  • Partnership firms with ≥ 50% of principals ICAS members
  • Limited Companies with ≥ 50% of Directors as CAs

Non-eligible members can subscribe for £200 + VAT per annum (10% discount for CAPS Members)

Access to Chapter 14 - Money Laundering is available free to

  • ICAS Insolvency Practitioners
  • ICAS Tax Professionals
  • CIPFA firms regulated by ICAS for anti-money laundering

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