Scottish Chartered Accountants Benevolent Association (SCABA)

The Scottish Chartered Accountants' Benevolent Association (SCABA) is a charity set up to help members of ICAS and/or their dependants who are in need. It was established in 1919 and, since that time, has helped hundreds of members and their families to survive hardship.

How can I apply for help?

To request a grant application form please contact the SCABA Charity Administrator.

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How does SCABA help?

Sometimes having a fellow member with whom to discuss problems is welcomed. Sometimes, financial assistance is required. Whatever the final solution, SCABA will always try to help.

A member of the Council of SCABA or a local representative acting on its behalf will make contact and arrange a visit if appropriate. Following this initial meeting, an application, together with a report and recommendation, will be made to the SCABA Council for approval.

Each case is considered in complete confidence and assistance is normally given by a grant or loan.

Here are a few examples of how SCABA has helped CAs through difficulties:

A member spent much of his career in the service of others and was unable to provide much in the way of pension. SCABA helped his wife with transport costs to enable her to visit him when he was admitted to a nursing home. After his death, SCABA helped to sort out a number of maintenance problems with their flat as well as helping with general living expenses.

A young member contracted a severely debilitating illness early in his career. SCABA helped to fund the purchase of mobility aids, assisted him short-term to meet financial commitments, which had been based on his previously much higher income level and with re-training for a career more suited to his medical condition.

A member died young and unexpectedly before he was able to fully pursue his chosen career path. SCABA helped his widow over many years to bring up a young family, which included a severely disabled child.

A member suffered a severe heart attack, which forced him to cease work. SCABA helped by enabling his son, who was showing academic promise, to complete his final year in private education.

A member developed severe psychiatric problems. A SCABA representative visited her over a period of months. With her assistance, she was able to arrange the clean up of her house and to set up meals on wheels and other community nursing assistance which transformed her quality of life.

When does SCABA help?

Ill health, redundancy, unemployment and death are just some of the life events affecting members and their families with which SCABA has helped. Many of the applicants are also supporting children.

How can I help the fund?

SCABA receives funding primarily from donations and legacies provided by members.

You can make a donation to the fund by:

  • A single donation by cheque made payable to SCABA
  • Gift Aid (UK only)
  • A donation at the time of your Annual Return (details are included in your Annual Return pack)
  • A bequest in your Will from your Estate

Please forward donations to:

Ms Caroline Christie BCom CA
Charity Administrator
The Scottish Chartered Accountants' Benevolent Association
PO Box 28843
EH14 9BY
+44 (0) 7722 932120

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Thank you - your donation is vital to allow SCABA to continue to help fellow members and their families.

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